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Date: August 17, 2014 Author: busari Categories: Chief Awolowo

Awolowo was born at Ikenne, Ogun State on March 6, 1909?
Awolowo father’s name was David Shopolu?
Awolowo mother’s name was Mary Efunyela?
Awolowo was 5’10″ tall?
Awolowo was 11 years old when his father died of small pox on April 8, 1920?
Awolowo was married to Hannah Idowu DideOlu (nee Adelana) on December 26, 1937?
Awolowo had two sons, Olusegun and Oluwole; three daughters, Omotola, Ayodele and Tokunbo?
Awolowo’s favorite sport was wrestling?
Awolowo’s favorite sport figure was “world-class” football commentator Ishola Folorunso?
Awolowo helped found the Egbe Omo Oduduwa, Action Group and the Unity Party of Nigeria?
Awolowo founded the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper at Ibadan in 1949?
Awolowo worked as a trader, Shorthand Typist, farm laborer, newspaper reporter and as a Lawyer?
Awolowo’s favorite food was pounded yam (iyan) and spinach (efo)?
Awolowo built two of the tallest buildings in Nigeria: Cocoa House in Ibadan and Western House in Lagos when he was Premier of Western Nigeria?
Awolowo built the Premier Hotel and Liberty Stadium when he was Premier of Western Nigeria?
Awolowo was the Leader of Opposition in the Federal House Representatives?
Awolowo travelled by ship to study Law at the Inner Temple, University of London in 1944?
Awolowo’s birthday (March 6, 1957) was declared Ghana’s Independence Day by Kwame Nkrumah and his politiburo members to honor him for his immense contributions during the struggle for independence?
Awolowo’s associates, namely Anthony Enahoro, Samuel G. Ikoku and Ayo Adebanjo fled to Ghana to seek refuge during the celebrated treasonable felony?
Awolowo’s philosophy outlook on life was shaped by two books, “The Human Machine” by John Bull and “It Is Up to You” by an American author?
Awolowo’s favorite poem was “Every Man and Nation” by James Russell Lowell?
Awolowo gave up smoking at the age of 34?
Awolowo’s request for educational financial assistance to study Law in England was turned down by a prominent Ijebu-Ode businessman?
Awolowo’s literary favorite was Shakespeare. He read all his plays: Julius Ceaser, Hamlet, The Tempest, Henry V. Antony and Cleopatra more than three times?
Awolowo’s closest friends were Ernest Ikoli, Bode Thomas, Alfred Rewane and S. O. Gbadamosi?
Awolowo’s favorite Nigerian muscian and playwright was Herbert Ogunde, author of “Yoruba Ronu?”
Awolowo established the first television station in Africa in 1959?
Awolowo established the first cement factory in Nigeria at Ewekoro, Ogun State?
Awolowo established several housing estates at Ikeja and Bodija in Ibadan respectively?
Awolowo transformed the Western Region into a mini-paradise and the envy of many of his peers?
Awolowo visited the U.S. Congress when he was Premier of Western Nigeria to seek technical support for his industrial projects at Ilupeju and Ikeja?
Awolowo ran for the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1959, 1979 and 1983?
Awolowo was the first Nigerian politician to use helicopter during the 1959 presidential campaign throughout the country. Both Ahmadu Bello and Tafawa Balewa never set a foot on the southern parts of Nigeria?
Awolowo was jailed by the NPC/NCNC federal government for treasonably felony in 1963?
Awolowo was released from Calabar prison by General Yakubu Gowon on August 2, 1966?
Awolowo was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Federal Executive Council and Commissioner for Finance by General Gowon?
Awolowo was the architect of the creation of the original 12 states in 1967?
Awolowo coined the Naira and Kobo to replace the colonial Pound, Shillings and Pence?
Awolowo’s “kitchen cabinet” during the civil war include, Abdul Azzez Atta (Finance) Ibrahim Damcida (Defense), Allison Ayida, Philip Asiodu, Ahmed Joda and Professor Adebayo Adedeji, Professor Sam Aluko and Professor Ojetunji Aboyade?
Awolowo built the first most formidable state University located at Ile-Ife?
Awolowo was the most important Yoruba after Oduduwa?
Awolowo was elected Leader of the Yorubas in May, 1967?
Awolowo declared free education when he was Premier of Western Region?
Awolowo awarded 200 overseas scholarship in the fifties while the Federal Government awarded only 20?
Awolowo has to his credit at least 14 major works, over 40 major published addresses and over 100 unpublished speeches and lectures covering the entire Nigerian political spectrum?
Awolowo was refered to as “the main issue in Nigeria politics” by General Ibrahim Babangida?
Awolowo was acknowledged by Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu as “the best President that Nigeria never had” in his book, “Because I was involved”?
Awolowo was at different times appointed Chancellor of University of Ife and Ahmadu Bello Universities respectively?
Awolowo made a significant contribution to the successful prosecution of the civil war, which was funded without any budget deficit or recourse to any foreign borrowing when he was Federal Commissioner of Finance”?
Awolowo was one of the three greatest Africans of the twentieth century. The other two are Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Nelson Mandela of South Africa?
Awolowo established 8 farm settlements in Western Nigeria to address agricultural food shortages in the fifties?
Awolowo’s UPN LOOBO states (Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Bendel and Oyo) awarded over 250,000 overseas educational scholarships between 1979-1983?
Awolowo’s UPN LOOBO states (Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Bendel and Oyo) established Lagos State University, Ogun State University, Ondo State University and Bendel State University respectively?
Awolowo’s UPN LOOBO states (Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Bendel and Oyo) built affordable housing between 1979-1983?
Awolowo died on May 9, 1987 at the age of 78?

The celebration of the annual posthumous birthday for the great one, Chief Obafemi Awolowo scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the Laguardia Marriott Hotel.
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