Old Students Association

Development A...

Development Appeal to Preserve Islamic Institution of Learning

1. Procurement of staff and students chairs and tables in order to facilitate learning for students’ population of two thousands plus.
2. A central bore hole with distribution pipes to all outlets of the school is needed for the school staff and students sanitary and ablution purposes.
3. Provision of three distinct toilets that will cater for junior schools One, Two and the senior school staff and students are urgently needed.
4. Establishment of Computer Center for the whole school that will make both students and staff to be computer literate.
5. Total renovation of the school hall.
6. Provision of viable textbooks to the school library.
7. Restoration of our laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs) with modern equipment.
8. Erection of surrounding wall and beautification of the overall school compound to prevent trespassing and unauthorized encroachment on the school property.
9. Befitting Masjid.
10. Completion of staff quarters