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Date: August 15, 2014 Author: busari Categories: Valedictory Events

Welcome address by the Principals of Junior Schools I & II and the Senior School, read by Alhaj a. D. Badru on the occasion of the valedictory service and prize giving ceremony of the school held on Thursday July 30th, 2009

• The Chairman of the Occasion,
• The Chairperson of the Occasion,
• The Guest Speaker,
• The Special Guest of Honour,
• The Zonal Inspector of Education,
• The Local Inspector of Education,
• The ANCOPSS members here present,
• The P.T.A. Executive Members,
• The Parents of the Graduands
• The Teaching and Non-teaching Staff,
• The Graduating Students,
• Ladies and Gentlemen, all other protocols duly observed,

On behalf of the entire staff and students’ members of the Parents Teachers Association, Board of Governors of this noble institution – Anwar-Ul-Islam Grammar School, Iwo. I wish to formally and heartily welcome you all to this occasion of our valedictory service and prize giving day. I give praises unto Allah Almighty for granting you all journey mercies from far and near into this school.
Staff Enrollment:
The staff enrolment of each school at present stands as follows:
• School 1 – 9 Teaching staff, 1 P.T.A. appointed teacher and 2 Corpers.
• School 2 – 7 Teaching staff, 1 Corper and 2 P.T.A. appointed teachers.
• Senior School – 14 Teaching staff, 5 Corpers, 1 driver and 5 Non-teaching staff; all totaling 46.
We are all short staffed in the three schools in the following subjects: – English Language, Mathematics, Yoruba, Introductory Technology and I.R.S. Despite the fact of our short staffing numerically, all the members of staff are disciplined professionals. They go about their duties with great zeal and enthusiasm. Our teachers here are not the type you will tell to do something before doing it. They know what is right to do at the right time without being told. In short they are all dedicated teachers.
Student Enrollment – 2009:
The school enrolment fluctuates due to the number that passes out yearly and the number of students supplied for admission from the Ministry of Education. As at present, our students’ enrolments stand as below:
• School I——— 561
• School II———538
• Senior School— 849
• TOTAL———–1948
Student Academic Performance:
Due to persistent dialogue between students and the school authority, we have noticed that there is a great (positive) change among students towards their academic pursuit. One of our students, Fagbemigbe Oludare was one of the best 2008 WAEC students and as such been honoured today by our Mum the L.I.E. of Iwo in person of Mrs. O. O. Adeyeye, she is personally sponsoring today’s award to the awardee – Mr. Fagbemigbe Oludare who is now present here to receive it.
The School P.T.A:
The Parents Teachers Association has remained dynamic, active and supportive in the execution of virtually all the developmental programmes taking place in the school. Allah, the best adequate compensator will compensate you adequately through lifting your children to enviable heights.
I am proud to say that my members of staff symbolize LOVE, PEACE and UNITY. They are special people and specimen of anything progressive. There is no year that a common dress would not be bought as a sign of unity. We are all our brothers’ keeper. We attend social outings together and there is no dichotomy between the teaching and non-teaching staff. One’s problem is everybody’s problem. Allah will surely continue to be our guide.
Educational Support:
The government of Prince (Dr,) Olasunsoye Oyinlola should be highly commended for his TOTAL support for the advancement of educational sector in Osun state. Governor Prince (Dr.) Olagunsoye Oyinlola makes the promotion for all the promotable teachers the order of the day throughout the length and breadth of Osun state, as at when due. Virtually in all schools of this state of ours (both primary and secondary), every school wears a new look with newly constructed blocks of classrooms being built by this government of Prince of Peace, at a fast pace. Prompt payment of teachers’ salary is unrivalled. Infact, the only governor that has the TRUE TRACE of Chief Obafemi Awolowo since his (1955) start of Free Education in Western Region is our own Prince (dr.) Olagunsoye Oyinlola. May God in His infinite mercy continue to be with him, his administration and all he stands for, in life, amen.
Also, the Chairman of Iwo Local Government has graciously constructed a block of 3 classrooms which has been duly completed and is ready for commissioning. Furthermore, the same thing applied to Hon. Alhaji Abdul Razak Salinsilewho has also donated a block of 3 classrooms to the senior school through his constituency project. May Almighty God continue to assist them all, in all they do.
Our L. I. E. IWO:
The choice of our present L. I. E., Mrs. O. O. Adeyeye for Iwo Local Government is a great blessing for all. I have worked with many L. I. E. posted to Iwo but that of Mama is a marked difference. Her style of administration is quite unique and she has an improved relation with members of ANCOPSS Iwo Chapter. Mama on many occasions would deep her hand into her purse with her personal money to see to the success of any programme put across her. We pray for God’s guidance on everything she does throughout her stay here and beyond.
This school made a giant stride in the 2007-2008 edition of Principal’s Cup (Senior Category) by beating all secondary schools in Iwo to advance to the zonal stage to the extent of getting to the Semi-Final of the competition before bowing out to fraud.
Company Sponsorship:
We need to thank the WAMCO Company – makers of Peak Milk (both Nigeria and Holland made) and Peak Choco who graciously sponsored most of today’s gifts to the students. Not only this, the company has promised to partner this school with some developmental projects that will promote the welfare of both staff and students of this school. Our prayer to them is for God to continue promoting their products to greater heights.
The Graduating Students:
We tank Allah “The Alpha and Omega” who sees the beginning and the end of everything for seeing you through your educational career here at the secondary levels both junior and senior. Some had spent three years and some six. I thank your parents too for the money expended on your up-bringings. I pray that God spare their lives to reap the fruits of their labour. You are graduating here today to start another journey to greatness. Whatever you want to become in life is in your Hand. Make sure that what you do should promote your life positively.
I want to express my profound gratitude to the chairman of this occasion, the P.T.A. executive, the invited guests for the precious time they have spared us today and the generality of the staff of this school. May Allah reward you in abundance. We thank God who has given us the grace of today and that He (Allah) again will give us the grace to return every one of us to our destinations safely.
Thank you all and more blessings of Allah.
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Principal Junior School II

Principal Senior School